Oscar nominees still showing on big screens in Eugene, Corvallis

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      EUGENE, Ore. This weekend, avid movie watchers will find out which motion pictures will win Hollywood's top prize.

      Nine movies are vying for this year's best picture at the Academy Awards.

      And you can still see just about all of them playing on the big screen.

      Oscar night is typically every A-lister in one room.

      "Ellen's hosting so that'll be exciting. She's funny," said Brianna Dial, an Oregon State student. "I like to procrastinate and watch her videos."

      And Oscar season is in many ways a late Christmas for theater owners.

      "We actually get people who'll spend the entire day here and see four or five films in a row trying to cram everything in before the awards night," Bijou Metro owner Ed Schiessl said.

      The second Bijou theater in Eugene called the Bijou Metro Theater on Broadway opened in the spring of 2013 and screens foreign films, cult classics and best picture contenders.

      "We sprung for the higher end, more cushion movie theater seats and about a foot and a half more legroom than they typically put in the movieplex seats," Schiessl said.

      In Corvallis, the sinister sounding Darkside Cinema on 4th Street is not so much an evil Star Wars reference as it is a playful jab at the historic Whiteside Theater across the street.

      But this small theater in a converted department store space specialized in screening small, independent and art house movies.

      "We've got one foot in the past, the other foot is going into the future," Darkside Cinema Manager Joey Bauer said.

      The Darkside is one place where moviegoers are encouraged to bring their own popcorn dish, sit back and enjoy a few movies still shown on film. Vintage? Sure. Quieter? Bauer says "yes."

      "The multiplexes, the sound there is much louder than what we do here," Bauer said.

      What will win Sunday night is anybody's guess. But you can get caught up in a hurry on some of the best of 2013 at a theater near you and it's all in a day's drive.

      Besides the feature length movies, the Bijou Metro Theater is also currently showing the movies Oscar nominated short films both in the animated and documentary categories.