Oregon 14: 'This is something that's never been seen'

      EUGENE, Ore. - Living in Track Town USA, you've probably seen your fair share of track meets.

      But don't be mistaken: the IAAF World Junior Championships is no ordinary competition.

      "Right now this is something that's never been seen," said Nathan Woods with TrackTown USA, "and it's something to be seen."

      This is the first time the event has ever been held in US.

      "I'm happy to be in track city of the US, you know," said Emanuel Loblock of Dominica.

      The meet has replaced the green and yellow Duck fandom with all the colors of the world.

      "When you see a group of people, they're all wearing duck gear," Woods said of a typical day in Eugene. "Now we're seeing gear from all over the countries."

      This event is quite the adventure for the althetes, who are not only on foreign soil but all under 20 years old.

      "Some of the kids are showing up just by themselves, which I couldn't imagine as an 18 year old traveling across to a different country not being able to speak the language at all," Woods said. "You're seeing kids who are overwhelmed but also excited."

      Many of these althletes have dedicated their lives to this moment and are running on Hayward Field to prepare for a shot at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

      But team leader and coach of team Dominica - a small beautiful island in the Carribean - said this week is not just about winning.

      "I'm just happy to be here and to watch the the athletes succeed, improve on their time," Lombock said, "but not just a gold medal, but try to always improve."