'One of Eugene's best kept secrets'

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      EUGENE, Ore. You don't need to know how to tune an engine or wind a watch to appreciate a classic.

      But two vintage businesses are still ticking in Eugene and Springfield.

      And they both have one thing in common: you can take all the time you need once you arrive.

      "We've been told it's one of Eugene's best kept secrets," JD Olson said. Olson and his wife run the Conger Street Clock Museum in Eugene.

      But Olson's collection is by no means a secret. He'll gladly give a free tour to anyone who stops by.

      "People will come in and they'll say they designated 30 minutes to be here," Olson said. "And an hour and a half later, they're on their cell phone calling whoever they had their appointment with telling them, 'I'm going to be a bit late.'"

      It's easy to lose track of time, even in a place where you're surrounded by time.

      Amid the sound of cuckoos and chimes, Olson knows every last detail on his century old time pieces.

      "It takes 3.75 seconds to complete one cycle," Olson said.

      Did I mention he also has a working pipe organ? And with a little arm twisting, Olson will modestly show it off.

      But that's if you've already seen his model trains, telephones and even a working telegraph.

      "Everybody has a different hot button, so they're intrigued by something different. And that's what makes it so much fun," Olson said.

      But if your hot button is burgers and shakes, then you can venture to Fins Drive-In in Springfield for a taste of vintage Americana.

      "Blueberry pancakes are to die for here," diner Dennis Monaghan said.

      Monaghan frequents Fins every Tuesday for breakfast. The name of this classic car mecca has changed a few times over the years, but the service and the atmosphere have stayed the same.

      "They give you pig portions, I mean, look at this," Monaghan said while pointing to his short-stack platter.

      "We make our own root beer. That's usually a pretty big hit with new people. They usually really like it. The root beer floats are perfect," Fins worker Darien McCartney said. McCartney began working at the restaurant when she was just 15.

      Two places where it's OK to take your time. The Conger Street Clock Museum is open from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They also offer repairs and can rebuild or even overhaul clocks and timepieces.