New cat smelling previous cat's odors

      After losing my geriatric cat two years ago, I'm finally getting a new female kitten next weekend.

      My old male cat became incontinent and urinated and defecated on my hardwood floors. I've used bleach water and Nature's Miracle to remove the odor and can't smell anything. (The stains are still there.)

      The kitten is currently litter box trained, however, I'm worried that she will start using the soiled floor to pee and poop on. Any ideas to prevent this, or should I just hope?

      Jennifer's Answer

      If you've neutralized the odor it shouldn't draw the new kitten to that location, however, cats can smell up to a single odorant, so it's possible the new kitten will smell what you don't.

      Let me know if you have any other questions, Jen