Interactive Dog Toys

      Here are a number of toys that provide fun for your pet while engaging their mind at the same time.

      Toy Description Where to Buy Twist 'n Treat
      The first and only two-piece rubber chew toy with adjustable treat dispensing. Most pet stores now sell the Busy Buddy. Or you can buy directly from Premier by logging onto their website: or buy online at Squirrel Dude
      The newest in the Busy Buddy line. High durability and funky bounce will provide hours of fun. Some pet stores sell the Squirrel Dude. Or you can buy directly from Premier by logging onto their website: or buy online at Kong: Top Pick!
      It's the perfect toy to leave with your dog as you head off to work. Licking, chewing, throwing, and tossing become an art while your dog tries to get at the yummy treats stuffed inside. Most pet stores sell the Kong. Or you can buy directly from Kong Company by logging onto their website: or at Molecuball
      Never feed your dog in bowl again! It keeps your dog mentally stimulated, physically active and very happy. Many pet stores sell the Molecuball. Or you can buy online at: Tricky Treat Ball: Top Pick!
      My dogs love this food carrier toy. The soft plastic ball makes it easy for them to pick up, roll or around, or toss in the air for hours of play. PetSmart and other pet stores sell the Tricky Treat Food Ball. Or you can buy online at Treatsie Roll
      Treat dispensing ball for dogs. Treats fall out as your dog rolls, nudges and plays. Mentally stimulates for a happier, healthier dog. Many pet stores sell the Treatsie Roll. Or you can buy it online at: Leo by Canine Genius
      Leo is a great bouncing, fetching, tugging and challenging treat-dispensing toy. You can also link multiple Leo toys together! When the toys are connected, the treats inside can move from one toy to another. Available at Wags! Dog Emporium in Eugene or online. Everlasting Treat Ball
      Made of soft, yet durable puncture resistant materials, it will hold up to even the toughest chewers, and the unique design allows it to wobble and roll erratically. Available at most pet supply stores.