House Training

      Question From M. Hogansen

      How do I get my 2 year old beagle to stop peeing in the house, he thinks outside is for play.

      Jennifer's Answer

      Thank you for contacting me. There are a lot of reasons that dogs do not understand where the appropriate place to potty is and choose to go indoors or inappropriate locations.

      I've attached a housetraining information sheet for you to read and look over that provides step by step tips on how to housetrain your dog.

      Here are a few key housetraining tips (that are also in the housetraining article):

      1) Reward your dog with a food reward/play/etc every time he goes in the right place, immediately after he goes (within a second or two).

      2) Clean up and thoroughly disinfect previous areas your dog has eliminated.

      This may mean getting a black light so you can find all of the spots. Use an enzyme cleaner to neutralize the urine/feces smell, otherwise, any trace odors will draw him back to go again in the same places.

      3) Prevent accidents as much as possible. Every time your dog goes in the house he's learning that it's an acceptable place to go.