Exotic pet care

      You've seen chimps on TV cuddling up with people, giving big kisses, and generally being adorable. What few people realize is that these sweet creatures have one thing in common: they're all babies. Once a chimp hits puberty, it becomes a completely different animal. Despite its small size, it's as strong as a full-grown man and can easily bite off a substantial portion of your hand. Retirement from show business soon follows. Similarly, lion cubs are cute and frisky, but any bond they may form in their youth gives way to stronger natural instincts as they mature. Wild animals are called that for a reason. If you want a pet that's out of the ordinary, some snakes and lizards can be domesticated, but the more exotic species aren't a good idea. Sure, there are all sorts of wild animals that have been trained to co-exist with humans, but they've been worked with for years by professional trainers. So when you see an adult tiger playfully rolling around with its trainer, remember the standard disclaimer: 'Don't try this at home.'