Escape the fog and the mall in Old Town Florence

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      FLORENCE, Ore. Christmas is less than a week away, which leaves only a handful of shopping days left for people.

      And if you shop online, you'll likely have to pay more for shipping to make sure you get it before the holiday.

      But Florence offers several locally owned shops, each offering something unique.

      It may not be a shopping frenzy, but it's steady for a week day.

      "We have all kinds of parking. This is generally our slow time of year," P.S. Winkles owner Glenna Martin said.

      "I'm not ready!" Eugene shopper Pat Casey said with a laugh.

      Ready or not, here comes Christmas. With less than a week, the holiday window is closing fast for Martin and her neighbors in Old Town to sell what they can before the holiday.

      "I just wait until the last week and hope for the best," Casey said.

      Shop owners are hoping for the best, too. At places like Funky Monkey Toys, Jeremy Austen helps puzzled parents, aunts and uncles find this season's hot sellers.

      "Right now, we've really been moving Monster High dolls like crazy," Austen said. "We have a pretty decent selection of them. They're really hard to find, especially this time of year."

      That early December cold snap didn't just freeze out Eugene and Springfield. It also brought business in Florence to nearly a stand-still. But fortunately, now that the weather has taken a turn for the better, shop owners in Old Town say customers are making up for lost time.

      "It's been a little hard on merchants, but having said that, it might turn out just fine, because it has been concentrated and we're all enjoying it, I think," Martin said.

      "Now, they're focusing on getting into that last week of shopping and the weather's going to bring people out. So it'll be busy," Cal Applebee said. Applebee is the executive director of the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce.

      Busy is what store owners are counting on for one more weekend. And for something unique without the craziness of the mall, you can find it all in a day's drive.

      On Monday, December 23rd, the city will host Breakfast with Santa at the Florence Events Center beginning at 9 a.m.