DeShone Brooks: 'He has so much enthusiasm for the game'

      EUGENE, Ore. - DeShone Brooks has certainly been through much more than your average 17 year old.

      Born in Charleston, West Virginia, his relationship with his birth mother was rocky.

      In the fourth grade, Brooks was adopted by Arnold and Shakelah Morgan.

      "I'm very thankful because if they wouldn't have took me in, no telling where I'd be at right now," Brooks said. "I would have been in a different school, different state. I'm just really thankful for them taking me in and giving me a chance."

      And since his freshman year when he's stepped on campus at Churchill has made tremendous strides on and off the court.

      "He has so much enthusiasm for the game," said Kelly Bokn, the Churchill Lancers coach. "He's one of those guys that really gets excited about playing and just really enjoys it."

      That was Bokn's first impression of Brooks, but times have changed.

      Brooks is now a senior, and a leader on a veteran Churchill Lancers squad.

      "I remember as a freshman I used to look up to the juniors and seniors," Brooks said. "Now I am in their shoes. I have to set good examples, be a good role model. Whatever I do off the court, they're going to look at that and think it's OK, so I have to really set a good example."

      Bokn describes his senior guard as versatile, passionate - and at times, even pretty vocal on the court, a sentiment Brooks said is all about motivation.

      "I think most players in the league would say that DeShone is pretty vocal," Bokn said. "I try to channel DeShone to be vocal in a positive way with our team."

      "Sometimes I talk to get them motivated," Brooks said. "I'm a vocal talker."