Breast cancer patient says she has to fight insurance company over prescription

      EUGENE, Ore. - Amy Asay is a single mother of two.

      She was diagnosed with breast cancer in March.

      Asay said she's been in and out of hospitals and needed emergency prescriptions.

      But when she contacted her Oregon Health Plan provider Trillium, she said they refused to refill her prescription for a blood thinner any more frequently than every 30 days - even though she'd run out.

      "To still have to fight for my medication, to have to constantly need a medication and be told no we won't cover that but we're going to cover this instead which may not be as affective," Asay said.

      Asay said she wants the insurance company to know there are "extenuating circumstance" with certain prescriptions.

      Trillium said privacy laws prevent them from talking about a patient's claims. A spokesperson said Asay's experience doesn't sound consistent with Trillium's practices.