Bras for a Cure: Fundraiser entries welcome through October 19

      EUGENE, Ore. - Shirley Lyons at Dandelions Flowers and Gifts started the Bras for a Cure fundraiser last year.

      The concept is pretty simple: decorate a bra, pay a $10 entry fee to be part of the contest, then let the public decide the winner.

      Participants let their creativity loose. Past creations have used everything from feathers and sequins to tin can lids, even artificial fruit.

      One group of accountants even decorated a bra with tax forms.

      The fundraiser benefits the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute Foundation that helps support breast cancer patients in a number of ways.

      "They may have had surgery and maybe can't lift and do dishes for a period of time," Lyons said. "They'll bring in someone who might help with housework or do dishes. Mowing lawns, helping people who are facing this diagnosis at the coast afford transportation back and forth. These are tangible real needs that sometimes we forget about. It's not just medical bills. It's all of those things."

      Entries for this year's competition are being accepted through October 19 at Dandelions Flowers and Gifts on Chambers at 18th in Eugene.

      A reveal party will be held on October 22, kicking off the public voting. Each dollar you donate gets you a vote.

      Last year's event raised $1,800.