All in a Day's Drive: Learn something new in 2014

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      EUGENE, Ore. As Boyd Brumley fires up the table saw, he quickly buzzes through a small wooden tile. A puzzle piece that he'll custom-fit on a larger mosaic. His workshop is just one classroom open to people in Eugene.

      "Primarily, 50 years and above, but we welcome anybody to come give it a try," Diane Sconce said. Sconce helps run several programs for Eugene's recreation services.

      If one of your resolutions for 2014 was to learn something new, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that around town.

      The Campbell Center periodically offers hands-on classes, free of charge. And not just for seniors.

      "Call and pre-register and you can simply get an introductory class to see if it fits your needs and to see if you like it," Sconce said.

      In a brand new year, some people resolve to spend more time outside or find a little more time to sit down with a good book. There are plenty of opportunities to do both in Eugene. And there's one "Barre" on Broadway where you can actually leave in better shape than when you came in.

      "Our classes are actually a combination of yoga, pilates and a little bit of ballet," Barre3 owner Jessica Neely said.

      Neely opened the downtown studio Barre3 more than a year ago, which offers classes to men and women of all ages and abilities.

      "Super fit, young moms who are out running multiple times a week to grandmas who are just getting into exercise or maybe haven't worked out in a while all in one class together," Neely said.

      And no matter if you're trying to shed some weight or gain some knowledge, you can find both all in a day's drive.

      Barre3 will be offering free classes for first timers on New Year's Day.