All in a Day's Drive: Free Easter egg hunts

      SPRINGFIELD, Ore.This week will be a busy one for the Easter bunny. You may spot the bunny at an Easter egg hunt near you. This weekend, there are several places where kids can hop to it as they fill up their baskets.

      This Saturday, the hunt begins around Eugene and Springfield. Some "bunny" is bringing kids plenty of colorful Easter eggs starting with the Megga Hunt at Splash in Lively Park.

      "It goes so fast, but that's the fun of it," Kim Lyddane said. "Kids line up, the Easter bunny waves that flag and those kids are out there collecting eggs and goodies as fast as they can possibly get their hands on them."

      With 20,000 eggs up for grabs at the Megga Hunt, prizes will be easy to find for kids. One thing that won't be so easy to find; a parking space. That's why Willamalane will be offering a parking shuttle for families to use.

      "There's a complimentary shuttle that leaves Thurston high school. So people can park there and take the shuttle. It starts running at 9 am," Lyddane said.

      Across town, at ten a-m, a Eugene church will host its own free egg hunt.

      "We've got 12 or so gold eggs that'll each have special prizes, different things in the community that they can do," pastor Brian King said.

      King helped put together this year's party at Harvest Community Church for kids of all ages.

      "I think everybody will go home with... Well, let's say they'll be plenty sugared up," King said.

      Not far from Eugene, kids can put their eggs in one basket in Brownsville during the hunt in Pioneer Park. And the fun continues after the hunt downtown for families.

      "Some of the kids aren't able to fill their baskets up completely, so it's a great opportunity for them to fill their baskets while they're walking around town and for their parents to see some of the stores and the fun things we have in Brownsville," Aimee Addison said. Addison owns Wear Me Jewels in Brownsville.

      Just a few places where you and your kids can load up on goodies.

      The Megga Hunt in Springfield starts at 9:45 am Saturday for kids 5 and under. The cost is $5 per kid. Families joining in the Easter egg hunt at Harvest Community Church can pre-register on the church's website.