All in a Day's Drive: Fourth of July on the Oregon Coast

      YACHATS, Ore. Several towns on the Oregon Coast are getting into the patriotic spirit this week.

      Plenty of people will be feeling patriotic, including kids in Yachats, who are adding red, white and blue, along with a splash of everything else for good measure.

      "Our summer program, we have a lot of kids who visit the grandparents and then come here for a week to get some fun kid things, too," said Jo Crooks, president of the Yachats youth and family activities program.

      The tie-dyed youngsters will be marching in the 18th annual La De Da parade. It takes off at noon from the community center. The parade segues into the next activity: the duck race.

      "And the first year they did this, they forgot to see which way the tide was going and the ducks went upriver instead of down. So we've got this chute system now that they go into and funnel into a small channel that we can pick them out for the winners," Crooks said.

      The ducks are each numbered. They'll hit the water around 2:30 p.m. near the bridge on the south end of Yachats.

      "And we've got about 50 prizes this year and only 1,500 ducks," Crooks said. "So a pretty good chance of winning."

      Next, we'll head north on the Oregon Coast Highway to Newport, where if you don't mind the smell of fish, you can check out the Rock, White and Blue Music Festival.

      "We've got seven bands. Seven acts that're playing, including five bands, one duo, one solo," organizer Steve Mason said. "The music is going to range from electric, acoustic, alternative to classic rock to blues to folk."

      Mason's band "Bucket List" is among those performing. The first band will take the stage at 3 p.m. near Fish Peddler's Market on Southwest Bay Boulevard.

      Finally, it just wouldn't be the Fourth of July if you didn't get to see some fireworks. And if you're in Newport, you can cap off the evening by taking in a dazzling show thanks to the fire department.

      "Try to get there a little before, give yourself an hour or two to give yourself plenty of time to set up and enjoy time with your family, so you're not rushing, because we do light them off right at 10 p.m.," assistant fire chief Rob Murphy said.

      An Independence Day powderkeg of activities that you can find all in a day's drive. The proceeds from each sponsored duck benefit the Yachats youth and family activities programming.