'Affordable family fun' in Corvallis

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      CORVALLIS, Ore. With just a few weeks left before kids have to head back to school, you can't blame families for wanting to soak up every last minute of summer. You don't have to venture far to find some cheap summer fun in Corvallis. In fact, you don't even have to leave town.

      "You can kind of tell the people who come in and haven't been here before. Their eyes get kind of big and start to look at everything," Peter Reed said. Reed is a server at Francesco's Gelato, a popular summer time favorite on 2nd street that caters to people seeking a cold treat on a warm day.

      "Gelato's served about 12 degrees warmer than ice cream, so the texture's different. There's more flavor to it that way," Reed said.

      From there, you can play a quick nine of regular or mini golf at Golf City on highway 20. The short course means you can leave the driver at home.

      "Our longest hole is 121 yards. And if you swing and the ball moves, you can play it," Golf City owner Jim Hays said.

      Finally, take me out to the ball game. The Corvallis Knights baseball team is back in the postseason. And families are invited to watch the team take the field this evening at Goss Stadium.

      "That's what our motto is, affordable family fun, so we try to keep it a good price for everyone so they can bring the whole family if they want to," Justine Ekman said. Ekman is director of client services with the baseball club.

      The Knights won the West Coast League title last year. A win on Wednesday would keep them alive in the playoffs. Tickets start at $6 for fans. Just a few late summer activities you can find all in a day's drive.

      The Knights face the Bend Elks at 6:40 p.m. Wednesday. If they split the series, they'll play a deciding game on Thursday. If the Knights win the series, their next game will be Saturday.